Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A wonderful weekend

I have been a bit of a slacker lately and not blogging as much as I would like to, but life has been very busy around here! This weekend was a busy one, but we had so much fun! Friday night was pretty relaxed, we just hung out at home and Mikes sister and her boyfriend came over and played wii for a while. Nothing to exciting but its always fun when they come over because they bring their dog Panda, who we adore!! She is a blast to play with. Saturday morning for Valentines Day I got up and made my boys a Valentines breakfast! We had organic multigrain pancakes, chicken sausage, and fresh strawberries! It was so yummy! I had gotten these really cute heart shaped plates at Target so we used those and it was very festive! I gave them their Valentines gifts that I got for them and then we cleaned up and began getting ready for Jadens basketball practice. When I got done getting ready I came out and Mike had a gift for me, a beautiful pair of earrings to match my diamond journey necklace he got for me last year. I love them! He is always so good at picking out jewelry for me! I also got a box of chocolates and a rose. What a wonderful husband I have!!
So after that we went to Jadens basketball practice. It is always so much fun to watch all those little kids trying to learn to play! He is on a 3/4 year old coed team. When practice was over we realized he needed much more work so we went and bought him a new basketball and headed to the park to play around with him. We had such a great time! It was so nice to get out as a family and do something like that and it was so nice out. Jaden thought it was pretty funny that Mommy was playing basketball against Daddy! Hey, I used to play in jr. high! LOL!
We had a babysitter for the night and had reservations at Indochine in Tacoma for dinner, so I wanted to go get myself something cute to wear for our date. I spent a couple hours at the mall and got an adorable outfit! We ended up going and seeing a movie before dinner, Friday the 13th. I wouldn't recommend wasting your money at a theater. Wait for the video! Dinner was wonderful though! I just love that place! Their fresh spring rolls are so yummy!
Sunday was a bit less busy, but still a lot of fun. A couple of Mikes friends came over for a bit and played wii.. Then we went to dinner with my Grandparents for my belated birthday dinner. we went to that new Iron Chef place up in South Hill. I highly recommend it!! The food was delicious and they cook in front of you and add a bit of comedy. It was hilarious! Jaden said he wants to eat there every night! I don't know about that, but we will definitely be going back again soon.
So that was my fun filled weekend!! I am still trying to recover, I am a bit tired! I wanted to add some pictures to go with this post but my camera battery was dead when I tried to use it on Sat.!! Maybe next time!

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your weekend and that you got precious family time. That's the best!

    We had a family Valentine's Day too. We just aren't "date on V-day" people. Too crowded =).