Saturday, February 28, 2009

Motherly Advice

I need some input from all you out there. Jaden plays basketball on a team for the Parks and Rec. The #1 reason for me getting him into sports is for the exercise, and of course the interaction with the other kids is great too. My problem is the snack they have after the games. 99% of the time the snack that parents bring is something full of sugar and has no nutritional value what so ever. It makes no sense to me! Why have your kids run around and get exercise just to counter act that with junk?? So my question for all you out there is, What would you think if a parent brought bottled water and apple slices for snack instead of Capri Sun and cookies?? To me, I would be so happy to see this and am planning on bringing something more healthy on our week for snack, I just don't know what kind of reaction to expect from the other parents. What do you think?

Snack time

Jadens team

Jaden Shooting a basket


  1. My mom always brought orange slices when it was her turn to bring snacks. I'd say go for it on the healthy stuff. I'm sure the other parents won't care, and will probably be secretly pleased and wished they'd done the same thing.

  2. He looks like he is having a great time!

    I think you know what I would say. I have no issue being the mom that brings the healthy snack and I agree with Vicky that I don't think any other parents will have an issue with it. You may not be the favorite to the kids, but you might inspire other parents to go with more healthy food too. Perhaps there are others who wanted to do that, but just went with what the other parents were doing.

    Try throwing in some peanut butter or something with it. That might be an extra thing that is still very healthy (nuts are awesome!), but it's still like a dip. I realize that might be a bit messy though.

  3. What about trail mix? Use a mix that has dried fruit so it kinda helps with the sweet tooth but it has unrefined sugar that is not going to give them such a sugar high.
    Water is the tastiest most refreshing drink in the world!
    Just setting a quiet example is good. If anyone brings it up, just say you are trying to teach make healthy chioces. On that note, ask him to help choose the snack. explaine what the possible healthy choices are and why they are healthy. He'll likely choose a snack that his teammates would also enjoy. Kids love fruit and nuts, granola etc. They may not know it's healthy but they will gladly eat it as long as it's yummy.