Thursday, February 19, 2009

I must be crazy

As many of you may know, my family loves our Wii. It is not uncommon to walk into our house and find at least one of us playing it. Whether it be Guitar Hero or Crash Bandicoot, we love it all! We have all the Guitar Hero games, including the drums. Whenever friends come over this is usually our source of entertainment. So, loving the Wii as much as I do, I had been wanting to get the Wii Fit for quite a while. I figured, "Why not? Try to get in shape and have fun on the Wii at the same time? Sign me up!"

Well, just a word of caution for those of you sensitive about your weight, the Wii Fit may not be for you! I spent $100 for this thing to tell me I am overweight! And not in a delicate way, it changes your Mii to look fat!
Not that this information is something I didn't already know, but really is it necessary to give my Mii a muffin top?? For some reason my Mii is the only on whose belly is showing from under it's shirt. Now maybe its because I am the only girl on there, but come on! This recent embarrassment caused by our dearly loved Wii has motivated be to work out a lot harder, but I still think it could have been a little nicer.


  1. That's terrible! Hope that you enjoy it cause that would have burned a bridge with me =).

  2. "My Wii Called Me Fat" on Google brings up a lot of interesting blogs!

    Have fun and remember to stretch! :)

  3. Oh my! I'm sure my Mii would look the same... Guess I'll have to get in shape before I try it. :) I suppose their point is to encourage you, and I would assume the Mii changes shape as you do... but still, OUCH!

    Good luck! Please post more on it once you've done it for a while. You could do "before and after pictures" with your Mii!