Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yes, I am ridiculous

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband with all my heart. Sometimes though, I don't understand what or IF he is thinking. We have been together for 7 years. We know everything about each other inside and out and sometimes can finish each others sentences. I know all his favorite things and he can even shop for clothes for me and pick out just the right thing. (Most of the time he does a better job than me!) But last night he did something that still makes my head spin......
We had an argument. He thinks I overreacted and I think he was being insensitive. We were on our way home from me picking him up from the park and ride. I asked if he minded if we stopped at the store so I could get some soup because i haven't been feeling well. He said no, he wanted to go straight home. Well, this irritated me but I did it anyway and dropped him and my son off at home. Then he gives me a list of a few things he wanted me to get while I was at the store! He can't stop at the store with me for 5 mins, but then gives me things to pick up for him?? I don't think so!! One of the items being strawberry Popsicles that he loves. So I went to the store, but in my anger, didn't get the Popsicles. Maybe a bit immature, but I was mad!
So, fast forward a couple hours. Argument over and everything is fine. He gets up and says, "I am going to the store to get MY strawberry Popsicles" Ok whatever. So he goes to the store and when he gets back, I look at him and say "Hey thanks for getting me something" Mind you that almost EVERY time I go to the store, I bring him back a "treat". I always THINK of him! I try to get things he really likes. This is how the conversation went...

Him " Are you being sarcastic?"
Me "No, you didn't get me anything"
Him " Did you look in the bag?"
Me "No, why did you get me something?"
Him "Yes" ( Looking at me as if he had gotten me my most favorite thing in the world)

This is what he pulls out of the bag....

What?! Are you kidding me right now?? For those of you who don't know me, two of my most favorite things on the planet are ice cream and chocolate. My husband, after being together for 7 years got me a "treat" that contained neither one of these things. He was even on the ice cream aisle getting Popsicles!!!! I just don't get it. He said he was "thinking of me". What in a Payday would me make him think of me?? It is caramel, which I don't really care for, and peanuts. Not chocolate, nothing else, thats it!! He said because I love peanut butter he thought I would want it. Uhhh? Ok, there is NO peanut butter in a Payday!! There are peanuts, not peanut butter. I could have understood if he got me a Reeses. That's like saying here is a tomato, because I know you like spaghetti. I know I am being ridiculous, but I am seriously bothered by this whole thing. Not that I really needed a treat, but just knowing that he thought of me and tried to get me something that I liked would have been nice. Not some random candy bar that he grabbed at the last minute.

Tomorrow is his birthday. I think I might go to Wingers (one of his favorite things are buffalo wings, this is a "wings" restaurant) and I will get him a cheeseburger!!! Then tell him I was "thinking" of him. Makes sense to me!


  1. You make me laugh. I would skip out on the "thinking" of him on his birthday though. Even though I can agree with you on the rest =). T doesn't even get me anything unless he first asks because SOMEHOW he always gets something I don't like. It's like he forgets all the things I ever asked for and goes for something way out there.

    The only reason to buy a Pay Day is if the name goes with something you are trying to tell someone. Yuck!

    ...but you are still cool anyway Mike...just not last night I guess.

  2. Haha..even though I heard the story today I wanted to read ur blog...I don't think you were being too ridiculous! All would have been find if he wouldve just let you stop on the way home :)

  3. ps that was Suzie :) Andy is still signed in to his acct..

  4. Guys just don't "get" it!
    I have had to endure several Christmases with an empty stocking...while everyone else was checkin'out their stocking stuffers, I just sat there trying to look like I didn't notice mine was empty! AWKWARD! I finally anounced that we were no longer doing stockings in our family, we are all old enough to live without it.
    My hubby is hit-and-miss with the "thinking of you" stuff. He does okay sometimes, like having flowers delivered morning, noon, and night one Valentines day. Other times he completely spaces.
    I guess we should remember that if they were too good at this stuff they would seem feminine, and less attractive, due to the lack of contrast to ourselves.