Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just for You!! ("you" know who you are!)

A couple months ago I started scrapbooking. I never knew how fun and addicting paper crafts are!! Soon I realized that scrapbooking is very time consuming and it gets expensive having to get pictures developed all the time, when you don't have pics it's hard to scrapbook!! So my good friend introduced me to card making. I have fell in love with it! Even though its not much cheaper, it takes less time for the finished product and I like that! So here are a few pictures of my recent cards. I am still learning new techniques, but am having a great time with it!


  1. Great job Brie! "A" will be so proud! Shes taught us well :) looking forward to Wednesday and thanks for the heads up on that adorable paper!

  2. Yes, I do. (know who I am that is...)

    Ooooh, I love the black and white you've got going on. You three are going to surpass my abilities soon and I will be left in the dust. You are getting too much practice in.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I have seen what all three of you made =).

  3. Love it!! Your cards are turning out much better than mine :)